Attendance Office

Benicia Unified School District Virtual Learning Attendance Codes

VA = Absent
Student did not attend the live zoom/google meet class and/or did not turn-in the daily assignment)

The Attendance Auto-dialer goes out to families at 6:00pm Monday – Thursday.  If you receive this call, please do not panic.  Check in with your student first to see if they either showed up to class or turned in the work.  If the work was turned in that day, the teacher can still correct it to VT.

VS = present
Student “showed up” for the live virtual class.

VT = present
Student “turned-in” the assignment on the DUE DATE.  If your child turns in the assignment late/after the due date, he/she may receive credit for the work towards the grade but the attendance will remain VA.  

VC = present
Parent/student “communicated” the reason the student could not attend class/turn-in the assignment on the SAME DATE with either the teacher or office.  Possibly the power went out, the internet dropped, the computer died.  

M = medical note showing Dr. visit

E = Excused: parent called office to report reason of absence, such as illness

U = unexcused

All VAs will be changed to U if there is not a valid reason for the absence.  

Contact Information:
Attendance Line:  (707) 748-2989     Attendance Clerk:
Office Line:  (707) 747-8340     Registrar: