BMS Vikings Athletics General Information

Benicia Middle School Sports Program Policy

The BMS sports program is open to all interested students. The program goal is to develop and refine individual skills, teach, and reinforce teamwork while striving to achieve a better understanding of the sport. It is vital that teammates exhibit good sportsmanship and cooperation. Although we strive to win, the true goal is learning, having fun and playing as a team!

Fall Sports:
Cross Country, Volleyball, Wrestling

Winter Sports:
Basketball, Wrestling

Spring Sports:
Track, Wrestling

Athletics Contact
Athletic Director: Mike Palmer

Athletic competition in school throughout the country is a tradition and institution.  We at Benicia Middle School recognize the interest and enthusiasm for athletics that are shown by our students–both those who participate on the various teams and those who participate as spectators.  Therefore, efforts must constantly be made by the Benicia Middle School administration, staff, and coaches to keep our athletic program at its best in order that we may maintain a positive experience and tradition.

The Athletic Department is an integral part of the total educational process at Benicia Middle School. Being involved in athletics provides our students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to learn the ideals of fair play and ethical behavior, which are necessary for competition and cooperation in our society.

This handbook contains information regarding athletic policies, goals, expectations, protocols, and information we believe to be necessary to succeed.  Benicia Middle School is proud to be associated with all of you and ask you to join with us in dedicating ourselves to upholding the proud traditions of the Benicia Unified School District.

BMS Athletics Handbook


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