Academic Support

Academic Support

Please check your student’s progress on PowerSchool and check their Planner nightly.  Since the Planner is such a key to success, it would be wise to set up some kind of incentive/reward if it is filled in well and a consequence if it is not.

Valero Tutoring

On Mondays, we have Valero Tutoring in the Library until 4:15.  Students can show up for this any Monday.  There is a sign-in and sign-out sheet, so parents can contact their student’s Counselor if they want to check their student’s attendance.  We typically have about 15-20 students attend each Monday and two adults available to help.  It’s the student’s responsibility to ask for help when needed.  Since these are Valero employees, they have an expertise in Science and Math, however, students can get support in any subject area.

Homework Club

Homework club is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:15-4:15 in the Library. Students can attend any day. 8th grade National Junior Honor students are available to help students through their work.

Other Tutoring

There are Benicia High School students available to tutor in Math and other areas.  There is typically a reasonable fee associated with this service.  You can go to the Benicia High School website – click on the Parent Resource tab and select Tutor List.  From there you can email a student directly.  You can work with that high school student to set up a time and place for the tutoring to happen.

We have fliers from adult tutors which are available upon request by contacting your student’s Counselor.  These tutors are not affiliated with the school or district, so you would want to check their references first.