BMS 8th Grade End of Year Activities
Academic and behavior expectations must be met for participation in all 8th grade activities.
Eighth Grade Behavior expectations are stated in the student planner as well as in the 8th
Grade Memorandum of Understanding you received during registration.

● To participate in the Promotion Ceremony
○ You can not have more than one “F” in the 2nd semester.
● To participate in the 8th grade dance and the 8th grade Extravaganza
○ You can not have more than one “F” in the 2nd semester.
○ You can not have 3 or more referrals or one suspension during the 2nd semester.

Wednesday, June 5 8 th Grade Farewell Dance 6:30-8:00 PM BMS Gym
This dance, sponsored by our PTSA, is for BMS 8 th grade students only. No guests are
allowed. All students must have a student ID, a pre-purchased ticket, and arrive no later
than 7:00 PM. Light refreshments will be served. Boys should wear a dress shirt and slacks.
A sweater, jacket or tie is optional. Girls should wear a simple party dress or nice pants. If
students are not appropriately or modestly dressed, they will not be allowed to enter the
dance. There should not be undergarments, midriffs, bare backs or cleavage exposed. If in
doubt, please check with a Vice Principal before the dance. No limousines will be allowed at
BMS. Students will not be released early unless a parent/guardian picks them up, and we will
not release friends of friends to other parents. Clean up takes a while, so please pick your
student up promptly at 8:00 pm.

Thursday, June 6 8 th Grade Promotion Ceremony Practice BMS
Promotion practice will be held at BMS during the school day on June 6.

Thursday, June 6 8 th Grade Promotion Ceremony 3:00 BHS Football Stadium
All eligible 8 th grade students may participate in our ceremony. All eligible students will have
their name recited and they will be able to walk across the stage. A professional
photographer will be taking pictures so every family may purchase a photograph, if desired.
School ends at 12:52 this day and you will need to arrive to the BHS Gym no later than
2:30pm. Since the ceremony takes place on the turf field, no high heels or spikes are allowed
(wedges are ok).

Friday, June 7 8 th Grade Extravaganza 8:30-11:30am BMS
This day will start in the BMS MP room and will include a variety of activities including
breakfast, games, activities, videos, snacks, and other fun ways to send off the 8th graders.
The school day for 8th graders will be 8:30-11:30am.