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Proof of Residency

State law requires that public schools verify student residence. In addition, the BUSD Governing Board requires that all 5th grade students and all 8th grade students prove residency again – even if they have always lived in Benicia. This requirement must be completed prior to August registration at Benicia Middle School. Your student will not be able to participate in registration if this task is not completed.

The process is simple and easy! You must bring (in person) to your child’s school one of the following documents from each category listed below.

Category 1:         Driver’s license or state ID with current address or current passport or current military ID

Category 2:         Grant deed/mortgage coupon or current property tax bill or original rental/lease agreement w/parent name and names of children (Must include manager or owner name and phone#)

Category 3:         State/Federal tax return w/current address imprinted or payroll stub w/current name and address imprinted or other legal mail w/current address i.e. utility or bank statement (must be current month)


Date & Time

            • BMS                                            Sunday, May 15th                    2:00-4:00 PM
            • Elementary Open House         Thursday, May 19th                 6:00-8:00 PM
            • BMS Open House                     Thursday, May 27th                 6:30-8:00 PM
            • BMS                                            June 13-17                               8:00 AM-Noon                                                                                                                                                     1:00-3:00 PM 


Contact Persons


  • BHS                                       Laura McCann                          747-8334
  • BHS                                        Jane Tanner                            747-8334
  • BMS                                        Cindy Bazan                            748-2813
  • BMS                                        Siobhan Mara                          748-2814
  • Turner                                    Lisa Wolfe                                747-8300         x2700
  • Henderson                            Karin Mendiola                        747-8300         x2502
  • Semple                                   Linda Renshaw                       747-8300         x2602
  • Farmer                                    Kasey Flores                           747-8300         x2802


  1. If your address in our BUSD PowerSchool student information system matches the documentation, we will simply verify your residency and give you a verification receipt.
  2. If your address in our PowerSchool student information system does not match, we will need to make copies of your documents for our files. Additional information may be needed.  A verification receipt will not be given unless ALL needed documentation is provided at one time.

Don’t delay. This task must be completed prior to August registration at BMS and BHS!